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About Us

Torbay Conservatives currently serve as a majority in the local Council. We are keen to see the local economy booming again and have led a series of think-tanks to map out the bays future. We believe that tourism and leisure is the key to prosperity and more needs to be done to ensure that Torbay restores its position as a world-class destination for visitors.


 Protecting the environment and preserving the beauty of the South Devon coastline for future generations is a key part of the Conservatives action in Torbay. We work tirelessly to ensure that any new development is appropriate and sustainable; and fits in with Torbays unique architecture and we have run vigourous campaigns to help keep the bay attractive.

Education and young people

 Education is a prime concern. We have fought for years to protect the quality of education in the Bay and to ensure that parents and children have a good choice of excellent schools designed to bring out the best that all pupils have to offer.  Bay Conservatives campaigned to save Upton school from closure and we have also remained strong supporters of Torbay’s remaining Grammar Schools and Faith Schools. We  are strengthening our care and support of young people particularly those exposed to the extensive areas of deprivation in the Bay, to give them the opportunity to contribute positively to society.

Business enterprise and employment

Torbay Conservatives are supporting David Cameron in campaigning to help small business and we remain the only political grouping in the bay to understand the needs of the many local employers for less regulation. Our campaigns include vigorously opposing the proposed 'bed tax' which we believe would seriously damage the local economy, and campaigning to build the by pass at Kingskerswell, which we believe is essential to secure our future. Labour has failed to realise the importance of local private businesses to the economy of seaside towns like Torbay; and that much more could be done to encourage employment and prosperity by reducing red tape and increasing local democracy. 


 Torbay has a significant retirement community who Conservatives believe fail to get a fair deal from Government, especially as far as private pensions are concerned after Gordon Brown began taxing pension contributions in 1997.Conservatives are campaigning hard to a better deal for pensioners today and in the future.

Law and order

Lastly Conservatives in Torbay are committed to strong and active local law enforcement to maintain safe streets for all our citizens, day and night.
Torbay Conservatives believe more can and should be done to deter criminal and disorderly behaviour and are actively campaigning for the Police to focus more of their resources to catch local wrong doers here in Torbay rather than waste time on politically correct fads and targets handed out from London by the Home Office.