Mark Kingscote

  • As your Ward Councillor during 2000-2003, I helped save Scotts Meadow from development.


  • During these difficult times, with my fellow  Councillors we are striving to provide low Council Taxes and value for money.


  • The under-age birth-rate is unacceptable. Children need to be taught respect for themselves and others and we need to constantly strive to improve our education system in Torbay.


  • Each individual child throughout Torbay deserves the same start in life, education and employment prospects.


  • I am working with our team to  improve Torbay's tired image, encouraging new investment and job opportunities.


  • The holiday industry is vital to the local economy. The English Riviera brings to mind a resort which is glamorous and sophisticated which I believe is sadly lacking at the moment. We need to offer an experience to holidaymakers which encourages them to return to our local environment which has a lot to offer not only to the visitors but also to local residents.


  • I work in the NHS Mental Health Community Team in Torbay - supporting people suffering from long-term acute mental health problems. I am a committed member of the Church of England, I support the institution of Monarchy. I am the Chairman of Elizabeth Finn Care (Distressed Gentlefolk Aid Association), President of the Vintage and Classic Car Club. I support and am closely involved with several local and national charities.


  • The fighting men and women of the British Armed Forces are an inspiration to everyone, I am full of admiration for them.


David Morris

Mob:07766 650250