Dave Thomas


David Thomas was first elected to Torbay Council in May 2007 to represent the people of Blatchcombe, since then he has been re-elected in both May 2011 and May 2015. He is an extremely committed councillor and spends a considerable amount of time working with his community, he took over as the Chairman of the Blatchcombe Community Partnership in May 2011 and during his term he has introduced a very successful community magazine that is distributed every 3 months and currently has an estimated readership in excess of 10,000 people, he is delighted this magazine is delivered direct to the houses in the ward by residents of the ward.

David has managed to gain a wealth of experience as a councillor and has been fortunate to serve in a number of key roles within the Council, including Chairman of the Planning Committee, Chairman of the Health Scrutiny Committee, portfolio holder for spatial planning, waste and energy and the Deputy Mayor. He is currently the group leader of the Conservative group of councillors on Torbay.

When David was recently asked why he wants to continue to be a councillor he said “I came into politics in 2007 to do my best for the residents of Blatchcombe and Torbay. During my time I have helped numerous residents with their various problems from housing to parking, from dog mess to waste collection. I am proud to have been involved in many of the great achievements of the ward including a new community centre for Foxhole residents, new housing across the ward, a reinvigorated community centre at Great Parks, a new school at Kings Ash, new University buildings at South Devon College, new business units at White Rock Business Park and the Collaton St. Mary Master Plan. We are starting to see better outcomes for Blatchcombe residents, working together we can keep this momentum going”. 


John Thomas

 Councillor John Thomas both lives in and represents the Blatchcombe Ward of Torbay. Prior to his retirement he was Managing Director of several British manufacturing companies but subsequent to retirement he felt compelled to give something back to society. He therefore successfully stood for election as a Torbay Councillor in 2007. He enjoys helping constituents who need his assistance and has successfully resolved many difficulties on behalf of those whom he represents. 


Chris Robson



Chris Robson was elected a Councillor for the Blatchcombe Ward in May 2015.  He is originally from the North-east of England but moved south more than 40 years ago. He had a long managerial career with BT before studying for a Rural Estate Management degree at Seale-Hayne and finally achieving his goal of becoming a Chartered Surveyor in 2001.  Since then, he has managed construction projects throughout the south-west for all of the larger Councils and in the private sector as a consultant. He has lived in Blatchcombe Ward since 2002 and sought election to fight for a better deal for the Ward. He said “We are living in exciting times for Torbay and especially Blatchcombe.  The South Devon Highway will bring levels of growth not seen since the coming of the railway in the 1850s and much of it will happen in Blatchcombe.  We are seeing rapid expansion in housing, retail, and lately exciting growth plans for South Devon College.  Instead of being a fringe Ward, Blatchcombe is set to become the power house of Torbay”.

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