Torbay Conservative Association Members’ Newsletter

October 2012 Issue 01

                                                  A BRIEF UPDATE

By Michael Jeavons

Chairman TCA


Torbay Conservative Association exists with a small but enthusiastic team backed up by several ward committees in Paignton and Torquay.

Early this year we represented the Torbay Conservative supporters in the selection of a candidate to go forward to the  Police & Crime Commissioner Elections on 15th November. Our chosen candidate is Tony Hogg who I believe will be a formidable candidate for these elections for Devon & Cornwall Police.

Closer to home, in the near future we hope to begin the selection of a Parliamentary Candidate to represent the Conservatives in Torbay, so as to be ready to meet the challenge of a General Election. This is the time for local people and others who may be interested, to put their names forward to the Conservative Party in anticipation of our local selection process.

In the meantime we urgently need to raise funds by increasing membership,

supporting the Victory Club and holding fund raising events. At these events we will be asking our members what kind of person would be need to represent Torbay in Parliament.

In the meantime we continue to support our Conservative Councillors and Conservative Mayor and add to the list of people who are interested in standing for local council.

As a long standing party supporter I know that sometimes our Conservative Party, when in government, test our resolve in decisions being made. I think we all feel like that at some time but the alternative to a Conservative Government does not bear thinking about.



 When your elected me to become Mayor, two commitments I made to Torbay were to boost local employment and sympathetically

regenerate the area, to involve the local community in decision making and to give half my salary to local organisations. Now, after eighteen months some of the results of the hard work which I and my team of Conservative Councillors have invested, we are beginning to emerge.

·  Work starts on the £108m Kingskerswell Bypass on 1st October for completion at the end of 2015 and will provide employment to local people, as well as opportunities for local businesses.

·  Unemployment in the Bay has dropped by 2.8% and youth unemployment by 14%.

·  Up to 1000 new jobs will be created by the approval of 25,000 square feet of land for employment use.

Work will start shortly on the White Rock Innovation Centre and 350 new homes at White Rock.

·  Outset Torbay (intensive start-up support), has helped to create 114 businesses, which equate to 133 jobs in the local community.

·  The renovated promenade has opened, work to remodel the “Banjo” and renovate the lighting commences shortly and reconstruction of the surrounding gardens will follow.

·  Demolition of the Palm Court has now commenced, the new development there will be completed by Oct 2014.

·  Final agreements have now been signed for the redevelopment of Oldway Mansion and grounds.

·  Completion of the £20m redevelopment for the fishing industry together with the stunning new restaurant on Brixham Harbour.

·  The Manufacturers Forum, my own Mayor’s Forum and the public consultation over next year’s Council budget and neighbourhood planning, will enable various sections of the community to become involved and contribute to some of the difficult decisions which will be facing us.

·  Forty one groups and individuals attended a ceremony and were told how the money from my £30,000 fund will make a difference to their projects and to the Bay.

We should all take inspiration from them,


by Councillor Ray Hill

 After being elected, I was asked by a Herald Express reporter what I wanted to achieve whilst on the council. The answer I gave was the one on my election leaflet:: ‘Sound financial management and a good environment’. My aspirations have not changed.

As Chairman of the Audit Committee and  recently appointed to the Overview and Scrutiny committee I believe I am able to see where aspects of the Council’s budget may need closer attention.

The Transport Working Party, of which I am Chairman, receives great attention by the public as no-one likes to pay for parking. However we have to remember that parking charges are a major source of income to provide for all services, freeing up funds for high priority projects such as adults and children’s services.

Being a member of the Environment Agency’s

Flood and Coastal committee has allowed me to see problems shared by other coastal areas in the South West, and whilst sitting on the Council’s Planning committee, I am able, with my Conservative colleagues to exert influence against some of the more

unacceptable projects

put to planning.

We sometimes have problems from opposition Councillors with point scoring and personal attacks on Conservative Councillors, talking an favour of proposals only to vote against them, vociferous articles and letters in the press. You name it, they will try it.

Am I enjoying the battle? Yes, I am.

Time flies

by Councillor Chris Lewis

It is now over twelve months since the local elections—how time flies at the Town Hall!

Having led Economic Regeneration, Planning and Transport in the last  Administration, I now find myself  in charge of Children, Schools & Families. A very new and challenging experience.

Many changes are needed in this Department so we can give our children a better chance in life, I look forward to implementing these changes.

Looking back on the projects I was involved in I am delighted to see that many have been completed and some are in the process of completion.

I find it a real privilege to represent the people of Preston on the Council. We as Conservatives in the Bay have done a great deal over the past five years, we must continue to change if we are to compete with

our neighbours and other seaside resorts.


 By Nick Bonstow

Conservative Future is the movement to which young Conservatives under the age of 30 are encouraged to join. It is now the largest political youth organisation in the UK.

Our political aim is to convince the youth of the corrosive impact of the last Labour Government and to defend the present conservative Government’s agendas of fiscal responsibility, fairness in all aspects, and their support of the private sector. To this aim, CF has established a Policy Forum and taken part in debates on “Green Growth” and “Aid & Trade”.

In South Devon, the branch is based in Torbay and has 120 members scattered throughout the region.

We campaigned hard for the local elections in May and gained a City Centre seat for a CF member.

We look forward to attending Conference in Birmingham and taking part in a visit to York, as well as attending many Association events.



 Would  you be interested in becoming a School Governor? Vacancies may arise for this important role in the local community. Please contact us  and we will forward your details to the Department of Education