Let The Bay Decide On Europe

Kevin Foster, Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Torbay, is urging people from across the bay to back a Conservative bid to secure the first EU referendum in 40 years by signing up to an online campaign.

A new campaign website, www.LetBritainDecide.com, has been launched to make it simple for local residents to join the campaign to back a Bill about to go through Parliament which would pave the way for a public vote.

The aim of the campaign is to build public pressure and urge MPs from all parties to listen to their constituents who want a say on the future of Britain’s EU Membership. Whilst the bill is being supported by the Conservative Party, the balance of votes in the House of Commons means it needs support from other parties to get through. A referendum cannot be called unless parliament passes an act calling one as happened with the AV Referendum held in 2011 & the previous vote on Europe in 1975.

Kevin said: “The issue of whether Britain continues its membership of the European Union is one that will define not just political debate, but our economic future as well. Like many voters I was not even born when the last European Referendum took place in 1975 and anyone born after the 6th June 1957 could not vote in it. The last vote decided this issue for a generation and regardless of outcome one held now would do the same.”

“I regularly hear from voters who feel uncomfortable with the direction the EU has taken since 1975 and want to be able to have their say on this. A Referendum would allow careful and constructive debate about an issue that will shape the bay’s destiny, free of any political loyalties that might be associated with election time. On a matter that is so important it is only right that it is the votes of millions of people, not hundreds of MP’s, that decide.”


Residents can sign up to the campaign at: www.LetBritainDecide.com