Leader of the Lords Visits Studio School

Lord Hill, Leader of the House of Lords this week visited Devon Studio School to meeting Principal Katherine Davis-Wills, students, parents and Governors who are involved with his innovative approach to education in the bay.

He also took the opportunity to visit the new premises that are still in development which he agreed to fund in his former role with Secretary of State Michael Gove MP within the Department of Education.

Ms Davis-Wills,said: "Some of the students have recently visited the House of Commons and so it is very apt and a great privilege to have Lord Hill make this personal visit us. This was a great opportunity for students to come face to face with someone in such an influential position and hopefully it will inspire them to become the decision makers of the future.

Torbay Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman Kevin Foster said: "Torbay is renowned as an area that has great schools and what could be better for Lord Hill than to visit such an inspirational example. The type of school that is helping youngsters achieve their goals. Even better he got to see first-hand the plans he approved as an Education Minister being developed into a reality." 

If you are inspired to get involved with Devon Studio School there are still places available to start in September. Visit the website www.devonstudioschool.co.uk, call them on 01803 617694 or email enquiries@devonstudioschool.co.uk