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Alison Hernandez


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Mark Kingscote

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Alison Hernandez


Local community concerns:

  1. Public spending cuts –less funds to tackle local problems

  2. Limited green space for public use and enjoyment

  3. Increasingly poor health of children in the area and lack of associated services

  4. Lack of easily accessible information from the Council about decisions that affect our daily lives.

What I pledge to do:

  1. Bring together local agencies, residents and businesses to listen to local concerns and help solve  issues quickly  

  2. Seek to protect and enhance green space and play parks

  3. Organise activities for children and young people to help support local families

  4. Launch a new, low cost service providing the latest information on what’s happening in the area and how to get involved.


Why you can trust me:

  • I’m committed to helping the area in which I’ve spent most of my life.  My family are totally settled here and my daughter attends the local primary school.

  • I established and led the Friends of Kitson Park – a local group who ensure the protection and continued development of the park for the local community.  I recently secured play equipment worth £45k;  led the first community park event; and continue to work to ensure the parks ongoing success

  • 10 years experience delivering successful public services in partnership with local councils, police, NHS, charities, probation and businesses to tackle crime, anti-social behaviour and poverty, including instigating the Street Warden Scheme in Hele.


Mark Kingscote

  • As your Ward Councillor during 2000-2003, I helped save Scotts Meadow from development.


  • During these difficult times,with my fellow  Councillors we are striving to provide low Council Taxes and value for money.


  • The under-age birth-rate is unacceptable. Children need to be taught respect for themselves and others and we need to constantly strive to improve our education system in Torbay.


  • Each individual child throughout Torbay deserves the same start in life, education and employment prospects.


  • I am working with our team to  improve Torbay's tired image, encouraging new investment and job opportunities.


  • The holiday industry is vital to the local economy. The English Riviera brings to mind a resort which is glamorous and sophisticated which I believe is sadly lacking at the moment. We need to offer an experience to holidaymakers which encourages them to return to our local environment which has a lot to offer not only to the visitors but also to local residents.


  • I work in the NHS Mental Health Community Team in Torbay - supporting people suffering from long-term acute mental health problems. I am a committed member of the Church of England, I support the institution of Monarchy. I am the Chairman of Elizabeth Finn Care (Distressed Gentlefolk Aid Association), President of the Vintage and Classic Car Club. I support and am closely involved with several local and national charities.


  • The fighting men and women of the British Armed Forces are an inspiration to everyone, I am full of admiration for them.




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