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If you've worked hard all your life, we believe you deserve security in retirement.

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We're building a Britain that offers everyone dignity and security in retirement. SHARE this to let everyone know.

Our long-term economic plan is helping hardworking families - by giving more people the security of a job, cutting income tax for 26 million people, freezing fuel duty and keeping mortgage rates low.

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Top global economists are clear: we must stick to our long-term plan to secure a better future for families across Britain.

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We’re building a Britain that offers everyone dignity and security in retirement.

If you’ve worked hard during your life, saved, paid your taxes and done the right thing, you deserve dignity and security when you retire.

It’s a key part of our long-term economic plan and it’s about the type of country we want to build: one where if you put in, you get out. And no one has put in as much as our elderly.

Our five commitments for dignity and security in retirement will:

  1. Reward those who have worked hard by continuing to increase the State Pension through the triple lock
  2. Reward saving by introducing a new single-tier pension
  3. Give people the freedom to invest and spend their pension however they like – and let them pass it on to loved ones tax-free
  4. Give everyone the help they deserve in later life by protecting pensioner benefits including the free bus pass, TV licence and winter fuel payment
  5. Ensure Britain has a strong economy, so we can protect the NHS and make sure no-one is forced to sell their home to pay for care

These commitments reward those who have worked hard and done the right thing – and will secure a better future for our elderly and for Britain.

1. The deficit is falling

January saw the largest monthly surplus in the public finances since the crisis. That means we're on track to halve the deficit as a share of national income this year.

As part of our long-term economic plan, we’re dealing with the deficit so we live within our means and don’t leave our children and grandchildren with more debts than they could ever repay

(Source: Office of National Statistics, Summary of Public Sector Finances, 20 Feb 2015)

2. More jobs being created - and the highest employment rate in history

There are 1.85 million more people in work since 2010, and the employment rate is the highest in history - meaning a record number of people with the security of a job to provide for their families.

(Source: ONS, Labour Market Statistics, 18 Feb 2015)

3. Inflation falling

Inflation has fallen to a record low - helping household budgets go further, so families are more financially secure.

(Source: ONS, Consumer Price Index, 17 Feb 2015)

4. Wages rising

Pay is up 2.1%% in the year. Wages are rising faster than prices - meaning more money in people’s pockets.

(Source: ONS, Labour Market Statistics, 18 Feb 2015)

On the deficit, jobs, inflation and wages, our plan is working and helping families be more secure.

But in an uncertain world economy all of this progress will be at risk unless we carry on working through the plan that is delivering stability and rising living standards.

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Our long-term economic plan is getting Britain back on track - and giving families peace of mind and security for the future. SHARE this video to let friends know.

Families are the bedrock of our society – and we’re on their side.

The Prime Minister made a commitment to recognise marriage in the tax system and we’re delivering on that commitment with the Marriage Allowance.

Helping families is at the heart of our long-term economic plan. The Marriage Allowance will mean more than four million families can get a tax cut from April, giving them that little bit extra financial security.

It’s something that we can only afford to do because of the growing strength of the British economy.

But this is about far more than pounds and pence; it’s about valuing commitment.

Families raise children, care for the elderly, and keep our country going. This tax change is about saying, as a society: we recognise that. Share this post to let know.

There are more jobs than ever before. Wages are rising faster than prices. Inflation is the lowest on record - so family budgets go further.

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Our long-term economic plan for the East of England will deliver jobs, growth and a better future.

Like with every part of the country, our plan is already turning the East of England around. Since 2010, there are 80,000 new businesses and nearly 200,000 more people in work, with the security of a regular wage to get on in life.

We’re determined to go further. Our six-point plan for the East of England will invest in better roads, railways and infrastructure, and back science, defence and other key local industries.

That will help deliver 250,000 new jobs and add £12 billion to the local economy – giving more financial security to families in the region.

Read our plan for the East of England in full.

Under Labour, our economy was in crisis. But with our plan to back businesses, invest in world-class infrastructure and create jobs, we’re helping build a stronger economy and a better future for the people of the East of England – and for Britain.

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